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Home / News / Covid 19 Update
Home / News / Covid 19 Update

Covid 19 Update

Published 10:52 on 16 May 2020

Following last weeks easing of government restrictions GMSC is now open for members to make use of the water within the government guidelines and our own local restrictions.


The ban on fishing and sailing including canoeing/paddle boarding having been eased along with the extended exercise period, However, appropriate restrictions and procedures must be in place.

The social distancing rule still applies,you can only mix with members of your immediate family or the same household. As before, no guests are allowed on site at this present time. The clubhouse needs to remain locked due to the possible threat of contamination, as are the steps down to the shore.

The toilets on the campsite are available so ensure that they are cleaned before and after use and bring your own hand sanitiser just in case the supplied ones are empty. The wash basins at the rear of the Clubhouse can be used.

Bring your own 1st Aid kit to avoid contamination and as the clubhouse is closed: alternative defibrillatorsare located at Calvert Green Community Centre and Charndon Village Hall.

Safety on the water

We cannot currently provide a safety boat on the waterdue to the likelihood of close contact in the event of someone capsizing. This means that it is essential for you to assess the situation on the water before setting off, and to stick to the club's advice of a minimum of two boats on the water, for support. If possible, you should use a mast float, and consider your own level of competence according to the wind conditions.

When using the pontoons allow anyone onthe deck to clear before entering to maintain a social distance. Keep clear of crews rigging and launching.Canoe/kayak/paddleboards need to stay between the bank and the outer marker buoys and not go across the lake. This gives you the ability to get to the lake edge if needed. Wear suitable clothing before arriving at the club.

All activities must be carried out within the current Government guidelines, this may be challenging at times but hopefully we can get through this.

The following summary will be posted around the club.

Thank you for your co-operation


  • Avoid touching the fob reader at the gate
    Maintain 2m distance when rigging/walking/sitting
    Boat crews to be single or from same household
    Minimum 2 boats on water for your own safety
    Assess conditions & your ability before setting off
    Arrive suitably dressed, 1 boat at a time using a pontoon
    Clubhouse & steps are currently closed
    Clean eco toilet before & after use and wash hands
    Bring personal hand sanitiser and first aid kit
    Wash basins at rear of Clubhouse are also available
    Defibrillators at Charndon and Calvert Green
    No camping or organised activities creating groups

Don't take Risks - Take Care - Stay Safe - Have Fun

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